POWERMAP Z9, the newest innovation in navigation, is designated for the real travelers, who truly love traveling. The new development of features and functions is more user friendly and will definitely give you more fun in driving and traveling. :


What is new

  • Z-Level: with 3D View shows the different level of roads and bridges
  • POWERMAP GUIDE : makes the tours around Thailand easier and more fun
  • PICTURE NAVI: navigates you directly from your favorite photos
  • MULTI MAP: helps to find location names easily in both Thai and English languages
  • FAVORITE VIEWER: enables the recording and display of photos of your favorite locations
  • HIGHLIGHT TEXT: eliminates the wasted time due to typographical errors
  • MULTI-LINE SEARCH RESULT: gives more spaces for information details
  • SAFETY DRIVING: brings you to your destination in safer way
  • TRACK LOG: traces back the routes using Google Earth
  • FRIENDLY INTERFACE: provides technical and optical comfort during use