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  • In case you are using Powermap, just give us more detail, you will be able to update our map for free. Furthermore, you will be invited to join our activities organized by Powermap and our partners and get more stuff shown in privilege card.

Applying conditions

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In case we cannot contact you with information you gave, we are necessary to cancel your right in receiving reward without any condition.I agree that the website owner have fully responsibility to keep webboard posting in order. I will have fullyresponsibility in keeping good manner and for any decision I made to attend the activities that organized by the club.

Please read this conditions carefully

Please try to understand this agreement before using www.Powermap.in.th for your own advantage. Powermap sign up system is the member serving system performed by Able ITS Company Limited (the Company)

User Agreement

The company would like to inform to the users that messages, images, sounds, contents, compositions and map updating which appear in this website are protected by intellectual property law. Only customers who bought Powermap authorized software are allowed to download map by the Company.

The Company will fully charge to the persons who did the following actions without permission from the Company

  • Transfer data(download or upload)
  • Publish, sell or do any commercial things

I agree and accept this agreement and will not use this website for commercial benefit or anything that conflict to the law or good moral.I will not post messages that contained negative or filthy words or messages which conflict to the law or good moral, mislead the other persons or be harmful to someone and I agree that I will not do the following actions

  • Infringe the intellectual property law of Kingdom of Thailand
  • Repeat, modify, download, upload or publish without permission from the Company
  • Upload, post, send E-mail or any actions what will disturb or interfere the computer system by spreading virus or any softwares designed for obstruction, destruction or limit the computer system
  • Download, upload, post or any actions for finding the benefit from contents illegally

Able ITS Company Limited has authority to cancel, modify, edit, revise and be able to change service condition. That contents become effective as soon as The Company declare in the user agreement.

The Company reserves the right to inform you about cancellation, modification, editing, revise and change service condition in writing.Please try to follow up any new changes in service condition every time using this website for your own advantage.

I approve that I understand every words above clearly with fully consciousness and decide to register membership of this website without any force, threat or pressure.

I understand clearly that I always have alternative to join or ignore any activities of Powermap website and this registration also.